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Domain Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need domain name for ?

    Click here for the purpose of having domain name.

  2. What kind of domain names can I register ?

    Israeli Domain Names:
    For businesses, companies and private people you may register domain names.
    For non-profit organizations, associations and organizations you may register domain names.
    International Domain Names:
    Each person, business company or organization may register com, org and net domain name types. has agreements with more Registrars that provides biz, info and more domain name types.

  3. What kind of domain name should I choose ?

    We recommend that you choose for your business a name related to the theme of your site or a leading product. As for the domain name endings, since all the domain endings will apply around the world, the decision should be based on marketing considerations. The ending is identified as an Israeli ending. The Israeli domain name ending could be a good alternative for generic names that are already taken. The .org, .com and .net endings are suitable for businesses or organizations with International operations. The .info and .biz endings are suitable for a Non-national specific identity site, and can be used as an alternative for already registered domains.

  4. What is Hebrew domain ?

    Hebrew domain is a domain which will be typed with Hebrew letters, for example: דומיין--בעברית
    It'll be encoded according to IDN standard and will look as

  5. I am planning to build my web site in a year from now. Why should I register my domain today ?

    Thousands of domain names are being registered daily. Domain names are being registered on the principal of "first come, first serve". Some other business may order the name instead of you. Waiting too long may cost you your desired name.

    InterSpace offers a unique "vCard" solution, which allows you to "Park" your domain on InterSpace's servers. This service could be used for hosting a landing page or an "Under Construction" page. In addition, it allows you to forward an e-mail address under your new domain name, and receive it even if your site is not yet active. For further information please contact us by phone number +972-73-222-4444.

  6. How much does it cost to purchase a domain name ?

    Israeli domain name registration ( /, English or Hebrew, and also: / / 74 NIS per year.

    International domain name registration (.com / .org / .net / .biz / .info): 74 NIS per year.

  7. Once I have ordered a domain name, how will I know that the domain name belongs to me ?

    After the registration authorities process your domain registration request, an e-mail will be sent to you confirming or rejecting your request. You may also check on this site to see if the domain name appears under your name. The information at is imported directly from the Authority's databases.

  8. How many domain names may I register ?

    There are no limits on generic domain names (com, .net, .org, .biz, .info) or on Israeli domain names (,
    Israeli domains can be registered only on the name of: A private person / a Registered Company (Ltd., Inc.) / a Registered Association / a Law Firm / An accounting company. In addition, a domain can be registered on the name of only one person.

  9. I wish to register a domain name without disclosing my credit card information over the Internet. How should I proceed ?

    You may order your domain name and pay by your PayPal account at our site
    Another way is to call us and give your Credit Card information on the phone.
    Companies and organizations without a credit card can contact us for other methods of payments.

  10. Will I be able to freely move my domain to different service providers ?

    Absolutely, if the domain name is allocated to your name then you are free to move your domain from one service provider to another. If you wish to find information about our web hosting services, please visit our site at or contact our sales staff at +972-73-222-4444.

  11. What are the spelling rules for domain name registration ?

    You may register up to 64 characters of numbers, English or Hebrew letters, and the minus (-) sign. The minus sign cannot appear in the beginning of a word or at the end of it. You cannot order domain names with less than three characters in Israel.

  12. Are there restrictions for domain names registration ?

    The following domain names will not be accepted for allocation:

    Offensive names - obscene words and names incorporating foul language or names that otherwise do not comply with the Laws of Israel. Names that are injurious to public order or to public sensibilities or otherwise do not comply with the Laws of the country in which the registration takes place. In addition, there are restrictions for specific names such as-,

  13. What are the legal implications of domain name registration ? takes no side and does not interfere in cases of disputes over merchant owners and those who have asked to have a domain name assigned to them.
    Assigning a domain name does not constitutes legitimization or permit for one to act under the domain name illegally or in a way that violates existing legal rights as provided by the law.
    The assignment of a domain name does not guarantee any additional right over the domain name, InterSpace or any person acting on InterSpace's behalf does not carry any responsibility due to the assignment of the domain name.

  14. How long does it take for the domain registration process to be completed ? guarantees to process the domain registration within two business days. However, in most cases, the registration process takes less then 24 hours.

  15. How can I modify the domain details (contact details, DNS change) ?

    You may modify the domain details by these 2 ways:

    1) Via InterSpace's domain control panel, at

    2) By applying a signed request by fax or e-mail, using the domain modify request.

  16. How long can I register my domain ?

    The domain may be registered for number of years according to the payment during the registration process. As long as the domain is valid and hasn't been expired yet, you may renew it for up to two years for Israeli domains, and up to ten years for general domains. Once the domain has been expired and hasn't been renewed it'll be revoked and then will be available for registration.

  17. How can I renew my domain ?

    InterSpace will send you the renewal reminders approximately three months ahead by e-mail. You'll be able to renew it by these 3 ways:

    1) Using the link at the renewal reminder we've send by e-mail.

    2) Via the InterSpace's domain control panel, at

    3) Via InterSpace's Customer service department by phone 972-73-222-4444 ext. 6.

    In order we'll be able to renew your domain it has to be managed by authorized registrar InterSpace Ltd. You may transfer your domain to InterSpace management using the following application form:
    Israeli domain transfer form or Generic domain transfer form